• Welcome to WOWGIRLS Explore new pathways to connect with like-minded women
  • WOW travel Get away with other WOWGIRLS on weekend breaks & adventure holidays
  • WOWGIRL FUN Most of all becoming a WOWGIRL you are guaranteed lots of fun
  • WOW Wisdom Share your wisdom and be inspired by others! Recognise your own unique potential.
  • WOW day activities Try something new and exciting and meet other like-minded women.
  • WOWGIRL friendships Meet new friends, form social groups and have fun together
  • WOWGIRL diversity Sharing and creating friendships with women from all walks of life
  • WOW workshops Fantastic workshops led by local businesses to ignite your spark
  • WOW courses Continue the connection and the fun by extending the WOWday experience
WOWGIRLS is for women of all ages!

The WOWGIRL is one that has passion for discovery, seeks light-heartedness & fun, as well as depth and purpose.
The WOWGIRLS embraces life,
finding the freedom to be real to herself.
There’s a WOWGIRL in all of us – the girl that wants to play!
JOIN... the ever expanding group of women and ride the Wave Of Wisdom!

‘Play’ is the seat of perpetual power !!

Find out all about WOWGIRLS in this 6 minute video: includes interviews with the first WOWday participants

Latest Activities

Narara Ecoburia Festival
Sat, 26 April - 10:00 am
Sunday Free Form Dance Space - 27 Apr
Sun, 27 April - 10:30 am
WOWday - Welcome Breakfast - May 7
Wed, 7 May - 9:30 am
Sunday Free Form Dance Space - 11 May
Sun, 11 May - 10:30 am


Why do we need 'saving'? It's not like we are an endangered species........or are we?

Survival is dependent on shelter and nourishment......WOWGIRLS is no different.

Think about how communities/families nurture and provide for newborns until they can thrive on their own two feet.

WOWGIRLS first launched in 2007 and is run purely on the devotion of our original founding members plus a small but dedicated group of volunteers.

We are now at a critical stage of development – that point where we are set to unfold our wings and soar to new heights. BUT for this to happen there are some major obstacles to overcome.

WOWGIRLS is in desperate need of funds to help take it to the next level and to continue the vision.

To find out more and to help the cause follow this link to WOWGIRLS funding campaign.

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